Past Events

Start date Topic Name Country City
2018-11-16 Data management 4º Fórum de Gestão de Dados de Investigação Portugal Castelo Branco
2018-11-09 I-Danha Food Lab Portugal Idanha-a-Nova
2018-10-15 Data management, Genomics Data Carpentry Workshop Portugal OEIRAS
2018-09-24 Phylogeny, Molecular modelling, Phylogenomics EMBO Practical Course Tree building: Advanced concepts and practice of phylogenetic analysis Portugal Faro
2018-06-12 Data management DMOS18 Data Management and Open Science Portugal Oeiras
2018-05-28 Proteomics PDA18 Proteomics Data Analysis Portugal Oeiras
2018-05-14 Population genetics PGDH18 Population Genetics and Demographic History Portugal Oeiras
2018-05-07 Metagenomics Elixir-Excelerate Workshop on Marine Metagenomics Portugal Oeiras
2018-04-17 Data management Seminar: Latest developments in the FAIR data ecosystem Portugal Oeiras
2018-04-09 Transcriptomics ADER18F Analysis of Differential Expression with RNAseq Portugal Oeiras
2018-04-03 Statistics ABSTAT18 Advanced Biostatistics for Bioinformatics Tool Users using R Portugal Oeiras
2018-03-06 Genomics CPANG18 Computational PANGenomics Portugal Oeiras
2018-02-19 Bioinformatics ELB18F Entry Level Bioinformatics (First course in 2018) Portugal Oeiras
2017-11-22 GOBLET AGM 2017 Portugal Oeiras
2017-11-14 PM17 - Precision Medicine Portugal Oeiras
2017-11-06 ELB17S Entry Level Bioinformatics (Second course in 2017) Portugal Oeiras
2017-10-23 Genome annotation Workshop on Genome Assembly and Annotation Portugal Oeiras
2017-10-02 Genomics EMBL-EBI Bioinformatics Workshop Portugal Faro
2017-09-20 IO17 - Large-scale bioinformatics for Immuno-Oncology Portugal Oeiras
2017-09-11 IBSTATB17 - Introductory Biostatistics for Biologists Portugal Oeiras